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Unearthing and sharing little-known stories from the past to inspire and inform the direction of the future.

"She forged the thunderbolts and I delivered them." (Susan B. Anthony describing her partnership with Elizabeth Cady Stanton on their work together shaping the United States' women's suffragist movement).


Who Do We Have Here?

An interview with Dr. Milton Edgert was the plastic surgeon who rebuilt Jennifer's face from a large hemangioma tumor and pioneered plastic surgery as it is known today.
Jennifer reviewing slides of her face after surgery by Dr. Milton Edgerton to repair the damage from a hemangioma tumor.
Plastic Surgery Dr. Milton Edgeton Aesthetic Surgeon Who Do We Have Here Documentary Independent Film Jennifer Wallace movie hemangioma reconstructive reconstruction

Currently in production, "Who Do We Have Here?" is about the surgeon who rebuilt Producer and Director Jennifer Wallace's face, his impact on plastic surgery as we know it today, and her journey to overcome the stigmas of facial difference and find belonging.

Synopsis: Drawing inspiration from the surgeon who rebuilt her face and his philosophy that “cutting the body can heal the mind”, Jennifer embarks on a journey to find her scattered tribe, eager to connect with his former patients who bear the same physical and emotional scars of feeling set apart since birth. Along the way, she discovers that regardless of one's condition, the human desire for belonging is universal.

Producer and Director: Jennifer Wallace

Producer: Scott Gracheff

You are welcome to view our two minute reel. For our15-minute reel, please email us at for the link and password.

If interested in supporting the production with a tax-deductible contribution, you can make a contribution through our fiscal sponsor, The Film Collaborative

You can follow the making-of on our social media @WhoDoWeHaveHereDoc on Facebook and Instagram and @WhoDoWeHaveDoc on Twitter.

Read about Jennifer's experience at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

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Mexico City '85 (Working title)

Mexico City '85 Earthquake Search and Rescue
Mexico City '85 Earthquake Search and Rescue

When one of history's most devastating earthquakes tore apart Mexico City in 1985, a young mom was inspired to help, risking everything. She left her 4-month old and10-year old daughters and husband at home to field the United States' first international disaster response team, laying the foundation for FEMA and Urban Search and Rescue protocol now recognized world-wide. She and her team had 35-confirmed live finds in the rubble---people who might not have survived had it not been for the highly trained partnership of woman and woman's best friend. Producer and Director, Jennifer Wallace.

Mexico City '85 Earthquake Search and Rescue

What We Do

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As one of the most challenging stages in any project, we specialize in helping clients launch their films successfully. From story development, identifying the right crew for the project, developing funding and social media plans, concept development of educational curriculum, ensuring all legal details are covered and consulting with distributors for guidance on the marketability of the project before you spend any time or money, our team can help you launch your film successfully. Also available are marine support services for anything boat related in your production. 

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